Brand Communication today has gathered many interfaces, and that might be the reason that we are edging towards the global sameness. what is dominant in a culture to change it. - Jenny Holzer.

The Rise and Rise of Brand Experience

Half a decade ago clients walked in wanting to tell a story behind their product or service. The story was central to the branding strategy, marketing plan and even the future of the brand. Now the focus has shifted to amplifying the brand experience through multifarious mediums where possible customers have a personal profile. The charm of the story and having linear relations with brands is quite over.

The many things that make your Brand name!

Will start with the word- patience, because you have to make the journey with the names in your head, the name has to stick with you first. Be open to feel it, with closed eyes, what colours does it give you, play around with it in your head till it feels right for all pragmatic reasons. Live with the names and eventually the strongest one will reveal itself to you. #believeinthemagic