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June 16, 2022

Have a brand to name and need our help to validate it or have a product/service that you need to name. Call us today and let us work together to create more meaningful and fun brand names.

Brand naming is an intriguing process that involves equal parts of imagination and logical application. A good brand name becomes an efficient tool that propels your brand offering. It's amazing how some brand names just stay with us and we wonder why they stuck. That's mostly because they are worded well with harmony, recall value and aligns with our preconceived connection with the word. Inherent cultural sounds and slangs matter for hyper local brands.

Some brands are very linear in terms of their operations or products/services and they need to have a simple name.

Some other brand names need to tell a story of them coming into being or what value it brings to a customer.

We have named some brands and it will be worth mentioning that the process and the outcome are tied in together with brand intention and value proposition. Here's a look at some of the brand names that we have had the opportunity to articulate further with design and strategy.


A food brand for the GCC region that celebrates a global culture and a coming together of various ethnicities and cultures. The name resonates with a celebration of this cosmopolitan nature and furthers the brands promise.


Packed with energy and fun, Kaboom is a name made for the youngsters- a soft play area that is abound with energy and fervour. The name Kaboom is an exclamation of the brand offering and livens up the experience it offers.


Hyper local and borrowing from the colloquial slang. The name directly communicates an emotion that is identifiable by the target audience. Translating to passion, the name renders a community vibe to the events and products that it offers.


Rich with a given visual and simplicity, Polka as a name for a small design studio is fun and easy with its recall. The name stands for a universal visual and that's what makes it phenomenal.


A combination word made from the first 2 letters of Mind Health and Soul, the name embodies the nature of a wellness brand. Wellness being consistent is made up of various factors like commitment, choice and self care and the name simplifies this holistic process.


Direct with its offering, Saltico combines the word Salt and Company and remixes the same into a harmonious open ended sound. It is a sophisticated name and yet sounds effortless and efficient for its solo offering.


Resounding with the fertile offerings of the forest the brand name offers a narrative experience of the product, its source and its quality. The combination of an adjective and a noun simplifies the long name into something that is remarkable.

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