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Published on
June 6, 2022
Published on
June 6, 2022

Brand Naming is the most fun you can have before you start meaning business! Your brand name will contain and carry everything that is your product or service.

Trust your instincts, do not get too emotionally hung up on one name and keep a few favourites. Test them out for technical and trademarking feasibility. Getting a good fit is really challenging in the current marketplace. That's why brand naming is a very crucial and tactical exercise. From generic to proprietary to eccentric, the naming game is something you have to win.


Where do you stand in the market and who are your users? These are the two significant questions you should be asking. The answers will help you create a clear positioning strategy and on that basis you can actually infuse creative emotions and revitalise or reinvent the way the same product is projected in the market. In short, understand your positioning in reference to the market, the competitors and the users and indulge in a fresh outlook. If you intend to break the wheel, make sure you have a story to go with that.


What is the product or service you are bringing into the market? What is the underlying emotion for the outcome the end user receives? Do you want your product to be remembered for its emotion or its function? These are some questions you can mull over while you explore the name for your brand.


This is a very primary segregation to your brand name. TBH both works- yes. Only if you have a clear strategy and goal outlined for your product. Understand your brand positioning, your competitors and your users. Do all the names in your product/service category sound similar? Meaningful may blend out and unconventional can be risky, so in any case your marketing has to stand up to your final choice.


Today you may have a milk product, and tomorrow you may branch out to yoghurts and butters, so consider your brand name carefully so it can contain your expansion strategy. Umbrella brand names can stand out individually and sub brands may or may not follow the primary name.


There is a brand that is located in the middle east, designed by a Japanese but goes by a name that is native Samoan. If your product has a global perspective and you want it to embody a universal appeal, then taking on a name in your native tongue or other native languages would be something that will work in the favour of the brand. And it can live to tell a unique story for its origin.


Laying it out as it is can be a great way to simplify things and build a familiar presence. It clearly communicates who you are and what you have to offer.There is a multitude of this kind, so it will be easy for your brand name to get lost unless you have a very amazing brand identity and marketing strategy in place.


These kinds of brand names are fun and can be really engaging. Because of their newness, distinctive sound and rhythm, they are easy to remember. This combined with a strong visual appearance makes for great brand names like Oreo!

They can be lacking in emotional connection and at times gimmicky. They may also pose a disconnect between the product and the name itself unless sustained by a strong marketing campaign.


Going with the emotions and capturing the ethos of the brand, is what evocative names do. Apple and Beetle are some evocative brand names that simply announce the offering.It is expansive in nature and you can dominate the industry when combined with a great brand personality.

Evocative names usually have a direct connection with your brand positioning. So if you are not clear about your brand positioning, this kind of brand name will have a counterintuitive effect on your users.


They can be easy for you or for the brand, however it's better to refrain from numbers and acronyms only for the sake of sounding very curt or institutional. They may not translate well.

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