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Published on
March 16, 2024
Published on
March 16, 2024

64% of all in-store decisions are driven by first impressions. Most times your customer sees your brand as your package, so let's look at how to get your customer interested within the first 7 seconds.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) are the only assured category of business that thrives despite changes in economy, consumer behaviour or competition. This spells good news, as business owners, you can leverage a lot of market share by integrated strategy that includes your research and package design! Packaging is the most significant part of the brand experience.

Package design has the power of amplifying your branding by serving as another powerful advertising tool. So much so that there exists a term called ‘Pack-vertsing’ (coined by Perry Haydn Taylor.) Businesses when they adopt this attitude, get a chance to now look at their existing or proposed packaging design with new eyes. Each of those packages, right from the smallest to the biggest on the supermarket rack now becomes an opportunity to put your best customer value forward.


The flexible packaging industry is projected to reach $300.18 billion by 2026.


Cardboard packaging is currently the most environmentally friendly packaging.

We consolidate research and strategy

At Bblewrap, we consolidate research and strategy to examine your market and your consumer. Your package design is not just something to carry your product safely, but it is a decisive vehicle that delivers value to your consumer and affirms your brand as their first choice. To achieve this, it is essential to study consumer behaviour trends and segmentation. 

Accounting for factors like

is your consumer buying your product off the aisle or ordering it online. Both are triggered by attraction to the visual character of the package, however the former may get an added allowance of another sense - tactility as against the latter who is motivated by a need and a chance of favourable pre conceived visuals associated with a particular product.

How well does your package design translate on screens?

Another factor that has extended beyond individuals and avatars is - how well does your package design translate on screens. With brands seeing increase in market share due to growing online sales - your brands digital quotient can be elevated through package design. The possibilities of digital landscape can be used to further animate or extend the static form of your package to drive more sales across multi channels.

Shape of Things To Come

The shape of your package has a lot to do with how your user will meet your brand on the shelf/ screen. Each product category has an already established form in the market. A slight change in shape calls for consequential changes to your brand tone and visuals. A new shape is a strategic advantage in an aisle full of similar or predictable looking offerings.

The power of storytelling through colours, graphics & textures

You can use the benefits of colour and form theory to enhance the visual impression of your product. Consider the physicality of a packaging as an experience that can be nuanced at every stage. From the colours to the textures, to fragrance they can be a feast for the senses. Brands that employ the most of the senses are known to be scientifically more successful than those who run with just visual appeal.

The promise of premium

Premium packaging elevates brand experience and ensures brand loyalty. Customers associate value with the overall impression they get out of a product. Value perceptions around premium quality is conveyed famously through good quality material, minimalism and in most cases metallic accents. Needless to say, a premium packaged product is an extension of a brand's aspirational value.  

Packaging needs to be approached with the same emotional intent as gift wrapping - of your brand and values delivered with an objective of engaging and enlisting your consumer. At Bblewrap, we use research and psychology to your brand's strategic advantage, while designing packages. 

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