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Published on
April 2, 2024
Published on
April 2, 2024

Selecting the right material for your product package.

In this issue, we look at the material resonance of packaging. Tactile packaging can enhance your brand value at the point of sale.

Research indicates how customers are willing to pay more for products packaged in textured material like soft velvet touch or high gloss embossing.

The Power of Haptic Memory

In the universal hierarchy of senses, touch comes third. In a world driven by sight as a belief system, it's important to also deliver tactile emphasis to elevate your brand experience. Our sense of touch defines our preference for many products of use and consumption. The white minimal surface of an Apple package, the cool steely surface of a can of Coke or the grainy promise of the Pringles composite can - all of these can be drawn to haptic memory. These brands accentuate the experience of using their product in subtle yet certain ways to make it memorable.


Packaging materials can be classified into primary, secondary, tertiary and ancillary packaging types. As we move from primary to tertiary, the customer experience decreases as they are most likely to not see the carton or crate in which the products are shipped except for online orders. In that case, there may be a primary and a secondary package. The primary and secondary package material is what faces the customer and that's why apart from aesthetics, the functional potential of packaging should be considered.


Packaging has greater reach than advertising, as each unit has the power to influence buyer decisions at the point of sale and beyond. For consumer packaged goods, the packaging material can store the product beyond the retail shelf right into the buyer's pantry, thus enabling brand recall.

Most Apple users are guilty of storing the boxes for reasons unknown. With the rise of online businesses and much-celebrated unboxing experiences in focus, your brand's first impression and influence is down to your packaging.  Highlighting a few points to consider while looking at material for package design:


The type of product should decide the strength of the packaging. The selection of material has to match functionally with the product. The value of the product should be directly proportionate to the type of material. For example, coated tablets are packed in blister packaging for a reason. This makes the product air-tight, water and moisture-proof and quality-controlled until consumed. Packaging material empowers the product with both consumer function and brand equity. A good material has the power to transform brand perception and receptivity.


A distinctive package enhanced by any tactile accent gets you the maximum attention on a populated shelf. A well-placed UV coating elevates the most remarkable feature of the product or a velvety surface of a soft touch coating can serve as a bid to pick up the product and get acquainted with your brand. Research indicates that packages with special printing treatments like embossing, spot UV and textures can command high value in the market.


How many times have you struggled to open a jar of olives? Or you had to get the knives out to cut an already perforated box? Primary package materials and the ancillary components have to work as designed. Material quality must be integrated into the package design - structure and surface. This helps in communicating the brand value effectively. At Bblewrap, the packaging design is an intensive process that accounts for user ergonomics and material variance to prototyping, before we finalise your package design.


Ever bought a box of gummies at the checkout counter? Do you remember how the small click of that mere paper latch reassured you that your treats were safely stored? The memory of an experience is elevated when all senses are involved. The beauty of our brains can be enlisted to make a package design memorable so it is good to think beyond visual and verbal stimuli and include haptic articulation to your brand.

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