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Published on
February 15, 2024
Published on
February 15, 2024

From noodles to loans, we’re in the pursuit of instant results, instant growth, and instant returns.

In the era of social-media-driven marketplaces, being faster could mean gaining an edge over others. While it helps to focus on things that bring immediate results, marketing efforts rarely bring instant gratification.

But does that mean spending time and money on marketing and strategy isn't worth it? Absolutely not and here’s why playing the long game in marketing pays off.


Our experience in the industry tells us that before diving head-first into marketing and promotion, it is imperative to build a strong marketing strategy considering long, medium and short-term goals. Your consistent posting on social media may not seem to be doing much or your blogs and videos may not be getting a lot of eyeballs, but in fact, such activities are growth in disguise. They may not bring in revenue right away and it is difficult to pin down how much revenue they generate. However, these activities play a major role in building your business’s core reputation and online presence.


No business is an overnight success. When we analyse so-called “epiphanies” or “sudden successes,” we realise it is actually the result of consistent efforts and the right approach that went on before. Any kind of growth needs the right attitude and the right people consistently showing up. Just like you don't trust a stranger, growth is propelled by trust which requires time to be nurtured. Collective strength lies in communities, hence it is crucial to target communities that will take your brand forward. 


Consistency, dedication and trust in your strategy are the keys to successful marketing. Not seeing immediate results does not mean they were unsuccessful. Results will come, maybe not quickly - but surely. When we applaud certain brands as “Overnight successes” or going “viral,” we do not see the shadow-work that went behind the scenes before the brands got to enjoy the spotlight. Let’s analyse the viral sensation of the Stanley Cup that got preteens and young adults going gaga.


Before 2017, this hundred-year-old company just focused on building bottles with a keen eye for colours and quality. From selling thermos flasks for construction workers, their target moved indoors to parents and adolescents. They kept up with the pastel hue trends and produced almost indestructible water bottles for 45 dollars. After a slow build over many months, their “quencher” trend took off. Everything changed when the “Buy Guide” - a blog run by working mothers described the Stanley Cup as “40 ounces of perfection.” As the waiting list began to grow, tiktokers began showing off their collection of Stanleys in multiple colours and custom tumblers. What once could only be seen in construction sites, can now be seen in every school in America.


Targeted marketing strategies can help boost a specific product or service while also strengthening conversion rates. However, we would advise you to remember that long-term and intangible activities are important supporting elements for more immediate activities. Ads, for instance, have a strong call to action and are designed to drive immediate conversion rates. However, not everyone who views your ad may be convinced right away. Such unsure customers dig a little deeper into your business and you want them to find more information - such as positive testimonials, informative videos and a consistent social media presence — that reinforces and enhances the ad content to push them toward conversion.

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