There is a whole lotta rap about getting up at 5 am and creative routines of famous people (yawn). It gets you feeling guilty about not getting up at 5 am and not having your entire life figured out by 9 am. These creative uncles and aunties lived in a different time and with no oppression like we face today (scroll scroll swipe swipe). How do we still get to be creative and resilient when there are so many social snares and so much showing up to do.

The age-old lore about tying discipline to time is somehow not relevant today. Discipline has everything to do with your dreams and your willingness to realise them. Only a need for spatial silence will wake you at 5am where you are able spread yourself and be crazy without needing the validation of the world that is fast asleep. Design is a lot (a lot) of play and emotion than the magic you pull off with software and trends. I am going to tie circadian rhythm, with design here (you were forewarned.)

The whole thing of staying late into the night and creating work is overhyped.Needless to say, working in the morning/night is your kink then pray do so. However a little side note on the significance of getting up at a fixed time, have a mundane pattern to your living activities, is so much the discipline we are amping here.

In the words of Oki Sato- I like to repeat things every day, I walk my dog the same route, I drink the same coffee, when you repeat things you start to notice the slight differences  in every day life. I feel these become idea sources.

Take away: When you repeat things, you find a rhythm, this is the discipline that will form the basis of your design and your creative work. This rhythm is the what you wear, what you equate, what you preclude and everything that aids in forming the emotion behind your design.

Habit: a cup of Matcha tea is a good for you. Making matcha is a process, can be meditative, albeit the rhythm we mentioned earlier. The beauty of Matcha is not only the process but the object used to brew this perfect cup of antioxidants. The matcha which uses a hand crafted bamboo whisk, has 500 year old history. A product hand crafted from a single piece of aged bamboo is a present day metaphor for pause, discipline and beauty.

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