KAL.IP, smart pill for Drink and Drive

The German based life saver pill is the talk of the town now. KAL.IP has taken over social media and the lives of gen Z. KAL.IP is a pill that you can just pop in and no breath analyzers can catch onto the alcohol from the party you just left and it shows 95% positive results. The pill is said to have no side effects which makes it all the more awesome!!

It was discovered accidentally in a university in Dresden, Germany while researching for medication for Bronchitis.

Breath analyzers contain an anode (negatively charged electrode) and a cathode (positively charged electrode). When you blow into a breathalyzer, the ethanol in your breath reacts with water from the air and the anode is oxidized to form acetic acid. Meanwhile, the cathode reacts with oxygen from the atmosphere and is reduced to form water. These two coupled reactions produce an electrical current between the electrodes that’s proportional to the amount of ethanol present in your breath. 

How KAL.IP supposedly works is, The KAL.IP molecules forms a barrier through the process of encapsulation around the ethanol molecules which is present in your blood after having a drink and it prevents the ethanol to react with water from the air, as a result breath analyzer shows false results.

The dream come true pill is primarily used by university students in countries with strict drink and drive penalties such as Singapore, Australia, Brazil, etc. with Dresden, Germany exhibiting most usage. The government is finding ways to ban the pill as it is in contrast to its laws but they are struggling to find reasons as, it in point of fact has medicinal properties with regards to Bronchitis.

Research shows there are imports to India by NRIs essentially to metro cities. There are also plans on launching the product in India. It is anticipated that the product will be launched in Kerala by April 1st ,2022. Oh! looks like we caught your attention.  We wish this was true as much as you did but don’t drink and drive fools! Happy April fools day!! Hope this is taken in good spirits and try not to fall for such traps again. Have a great day!

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