The Future of your Brand ft. Pandemic 

We are two years into the pandemic and collectively we are still fighting the cause and the consequence at once. The new normal or the way forward, aims to create a more equitable future. But how does all this change for new businesses and brands? More than ever this is the time to revisit and refine the way we approached branding. To begin with passively perturbed users, an excess of digital expectations and lack of direct brand experience are just some of the new challenges. A quote from Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder comes forth-  Difficulty is what wakes up the genius. The way your brand speaks will have to change, qualitative research should be the basis of all brand development. The world has changed for you and your user, as a business or brand here are a few aspects that you may reconsider - 

New and Existing Brands 

It would just be the time to simplify your brand promise and not overwhelm the user who may be stuck at home and adjusting to the new normal. Brand Adaptability is another feature that most brands have adopted to survive - like airbnb offering online creative classes by homeowners. Such flexibility in brand offerings will help the brand stay relevant. 

Package Design 

The liberty of walking into the store and casually strolling through aisles of multiple options is no longer in the picture for your customer. Your product is now arriving directly at your customers home, so it is extremely important to revisit the package design - for both practical and psychological reasons. Your package design has to be resilient in terms of material and informative with regards to its offering. 

Website Design & Digital Presence 

Your brand website now serves as the only interface that a user has access to- this means you get one shot at impressing your user. Research based designs have larger conversions and engagement because it analyses - behavioral shifts in users, trend patterns and regional impacts. 

It is also an important time to build your goodwill through refining business interactions with more empathy and directness. 

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