Brand Communication today has gathered many interfaces, and that might be the reason that we are edging towards the global sameness.

Our languages have unified as members of the hashtag culture; all over the world #hygge is an aspect that is no longer danish, someone from Sri Lanka is celebrating hygee because we have more globally shared values and spirit. In face of such a huge shift how are brands responding and realigning the language they speak. Has that managed to blur the lines between global and domestic marketing lingo?


And how are local brands attaining cult statuses and owning their singularity as a part of the larger global branding phenomenon. Representation is something that is responsible in many ways for such acceptance and respect for cultures, though we do resign the same for a few historically controversial segments.

Use what is dominant in a culture to change it. - Jenny Holzer.

Here we are using what is dominant and embracing it, the intention are by far unknown.


The uncanny coolness of pop culture, the bohemian flair, the feminist discourse; are all very categorised but within these categories you can account for sameness in visuals, words and packaging and rendering of end product or service.

The death of conventional advertising mediums and the rise of smart phone users and content for your pocket may be a few reasons why this universal sameness is flourishing. Accessibility is another feature that makes hyper local brands rise up and meet the global customer, because they usually encapsulate an emotion with highly modern visuals.

A soft play brand in GCC has a Samoan name that means Joy.


A  pop cult accessory brand in Kerala uses a slang for its name but build with a global aesthetic and appeal.

A very international sought after ghee brand named after a small Indian village.

What does this say about brand names and the way people interact with them. The small, the stranger tongue, the colloquial out of the parochial all indicate the sameness that the unknown can be accepted and embodied irrespective of its linguistic or cultural barriers.

This ownership brings forth the willingness of the people to assimilate and move towards a common culture that is multitudinous in its sameness.


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