You and the brand name

Will start with the word- patience, because you have to make the journey with the names in your head, the name has to stick with you first. Be open to feel it, with closed eyes, what colours does it give you, play around with it in your head till it feels right for all pragmatic reasons. Live with the names and eventually the strongest one will reveal itself to you.  


Your brand name and your Core Values

List the inherent values that your brand embodies, both the visceral and the tangible. Is it sustainability, or is it commitment to innovation, or are you for your customers, what you stand for and what you stand with can be considerations that help you choose an ideal brand name. Your brand name carries this intonation, so it would be beneficial for you to deliberate over the significant values as your brand name has to nuance those values.


Your Brand name and the Brand Strategy

Whats up your sleeve? How do you plan to break that ice and which mediums does your brand dominate its operations? Who are your competition? What is your market position? How does your name carve that possibilities for your future and long term plan? Does the name sit well with product/service expansion.


Your brand name and Customer Perception

Whats that one feeling you want your customers to swipe right on you! Is it warmth, joy, happiness, ignite imagination or a latent quality or would you use your name to position your brand as popular, economic or niche. What story does it hold? What experience does it promise?


Your Brand name and the Design

How does your brand name look on a billboard, on a t-shirt on an app, how does it sit with other brand names. What alternatives and abilities does it hold? Does it have a very eclectic claim to a hashtag citizenship? Your brand name today before anything has to be be pliant. Is it open for flings with other words for specific campaigns?


Your Brand name and the Culture

By culture we mean both your brand culture and the outside world. Are you a bunch of nerds or artists? Because your team dynamics define your brand culture and that should reflect in your brand name. And how does your brand fall in with the cultural lingo that is such a strong element of communication and connecting in these ever enterprising times.


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