Half a decade ago clients walked in wanting to tell a story behind their product or service. The story was central to the branding strategy, marketing plan and even the future of the brand.

Now the focus has shifted to amplifying  the brand experience through multifarious mediums where possible customers have a personal profile. The charm of the story and having linear relations with brands is quite over.

Earlier brands spoke to the customers, there was a clear addressing, now brands speak among the customers, mainly your next door neighbours daughter with 50k followers is selling you essential oils. The experience industry lacks the traditional discipline of formats and mediums. It encroaches but enables all its users. We might as well end with the sameness of multiple brands with identical visuals that they belong to the same Pinterest boards.

So how do you stand out in this oversaturated experience economy? Are you striving and struggling and coming up for a gulp of fresh air?

  • Cut down that online banter that allows you to talk endlessly about everything except the product or service through a plethora of online mediums.
  • Provide the necessary insights not so much in a multi dimensional self serving formats.  
  • Reserve the right of branding to limited elements like a very good identity, dynamic if you are completely a digital biz.
  • A brand experience is not free sampling or a trivia you put up to entertain your customers!
  • A spectacular brand experience opens subscription to a lifestyle that cares and connects.
  • A brand experience incorporates the tangible and the intangible, focus being on the intangible. If you are everywhere, how efficient are you?
  • A good brand experience is invisible but a bad brand experience is the making of an hashtag so curate with caution.

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