“The real estate industry is booming in India, opening the door for a new contemporary interior decor brand, one with refined tastes and a professional and dynamic presence. The formation of Inara required designing a visual framework that kept in mind its planned positioning and pertinent market trends, without also sacrificing a most crucial component— to build a powerful and distinctive identity.”
Bazaar is an emerging food brand that captures the essence and effervescence of Mumbai.
From the street fares to the very well curated gluten free treats and health food, the eclectic brand is based out of Kochi.
Bazaar the word can be traced back to the late 16th century: from Italian bazarro, from Turkish, from Persian bāzār ‘market’. The brand derives its identity as bazaar is where the food comes from and bazaar is also where the food is.
Bazaar is the plethora of scenes, tastes, fragrances and people. It is singular unit that facilities all these exchanges and layers.  A brand may have more than just one articulation, however its identity has to evidence its comprehensive story.
As a food brand set up with firm geographical roots in Mumbai,  it was very essential to personify the logo form to reflect the collected yet heterogenous nature of the city. Focusing on international fusion and health alternatives, Bazaar is a flexible offering that combines the concept of private fine dine, healthy wholesome food and community tables.
The brand identity echoes the embellishments and the forms easily embrace the variety and the melange of its culinary experiences. The logo embodies the noise and dynamism of market places and the outlines contains the energy and the motion, limiting at the same time appointing the identity as the unique ‘bazaar’

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