The thing about learning is that - it is forever. And with the infusion of technology, education has become a tool that enables not just individual growth but collective empowerment. Organisations with unified platforms can really transform their workforce with a real and accessible knowledge base. With empathetic design that is gamified, learning becomes interactive and engaging.
MADU is a technology driven ecosystem for learning and development. For a brand with diverse business verticals spread across multiple locations, Manappuram has unified its intention for transforming its human resource with knowledge with the help of technology.
Empowering the workforce with easy access to knowledge is a strategic step towards organisational growth and development. Manappuram group has various business segments and are engaged in the service industry, that is why the human resource becomes a key driver for achieving service quality.
Service quality elevates customer experiences and that becomes the precursor to the brands overall success. Thus training and development becomes a strategic function of HR for business transformation. This is achieved with 3 possible solutions - conventional training and development, third party technology services and building own tech solutions. Manappuram has moved from conventional training as it incurred high cost and was time consuming.
Subsequently the organisation implemented a technology platform for its training and development requirement. The solution was provided by a third party, who is into providing learning management systems. The system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Quick implementations, knowledge transfer, availability of technology and cost reduction were some of the advantages while the system had its disadvantages such as challenges in cultural adaptation, revenue optimisation, analytics, personalised learning environment.


The design thinking philosophy resulted in a product curated for an organisation, its functional framework and cultural environment. This aspect was achieved by incorporating functionalities and features tailored across multiple use types, multiple business verticals and managerial requirements.
To optimise learning outcomes and overcome the challenges Manappuram approached Bblewrap to design a learning application that is strategic and progressive. MADU app is a digital learning environment which can be operated in web interface as well as on Android and iOS to accommodate all users onto a equanimous platform. The technology used is relevant and latest to maximise efficacy and effectiveness. Bblewrap had employed strategic design thinking in the development of MADU to empathise key share stakeholders such as learners (employees) management, learning and development department and others.


The design of identity for MADU broadly rests in the idea of bringing about a visual transformation to the online learning environment. Simplification and user friendly were the operative words that defined the way the brandmark came into being.
New and innovative inclusions are often met with certain intimidation. Bblewrap identified this and worked at making the design more friendly with energetic colours and form. This makes the MADU app inviting and engaging.
The product development also initiated a shift for the HR department from a cost centre to a revenue centre as the tech platform is found to be fit in different types of learning ecosystem by organisational adaptation which can yield revenue.
MADU is a scalable tech product that can earn positive cash flows through sales & marketing. MADU turned out to be a digital asset of MAFIL that believed and delivered upon transforming the organisation by transforming its Human Resources.


While using the MADU App the learner would experience personalised learning through different modes such as digital library, learning and examination modules. The training orientation, the learning materials, examinations are tailored to each user according to their job roles, demographic and behavioural factors.
The system would capture data based on the interaction of the user in this learning ecosystem. These data can be used by the HR department for their strategic decisions such as - career progression, capacity planning, job postings, etc. Post implementation of MADU, peer learning, active learning and gamification enhanced the team dynamics.
As of today the MADU application has 25 thousand plus downloads with 4.2 rating clocked in the play store which indicates end user satisfaction. Manappuram Finance Ltd. has won two awards at the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS)-Leapvault CLO Awards India. Manappuram was awarded in the categories of ‘Learning & Development Team of the Year’ and ‘Best Skill Development Initiative.’ One of the major contributors to this achievement was the MADU web and mobile app. There was a significant reduction in the cost of training and development to a tune of 60%.

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