‘There is something about wellness that makes it more than a lifestyle change, especially if it means different things to different people. A brand has to inculcate a consistent belief and encourage inclusions rather than drastic changes. The MIHESO identity and design follows this methodology’
Launching a brand amidst the pandemic is a strenuous exercise in the face of passive markets and volatile consumer behaviour. Changed circumstances have led consumers to stick with basics and keep an allowance for products that make life easier between remote working and looming stress.


The name Miheso is derived with the same ideology. We shortlisted a few names and this was the one that was relevant with the brands offering and its product category. The name is derived from the first 2 letters of the words - mind, health and soul.


Wellness is not just a matter of health - it is a continuous and consistent choice made over a period of time. It is conscious decision making that compounds into a healthy reward.
With a clear premium positioning, Miheso comes with a mindful and harmonious logo form that captures the spirit of mind, health and soul. It also faintly echoes the mind gut connection with reference to recent studies that connect wellness to gut health.
Logo explorations
Logo formats
Logo formation


With a promise of newfound habits, the first product for Miheso is launched with a custom designed package with an art deco-esque structure. The design matches the brand offering in terms of its product centric flavours and experience that it brings as a new product to the Indian market.
The subsequent products follow the products nature and serve a more visually vibrant pattern and the brand offers endless potential in terms of compositions and moves away from the conventional layouts. The ease of online shopping puts the weight up on package design as it can hardly be experienced at leisure in real life and it is the purpose of design to bridge this gap by being informative and elegant all at once.
The packaging for oats has a sophisticated design that is aligned with the healthy alternatives and other ready to eat product categories.
Informative and designed for storage the box is curved at the edges to set it apart from the usual breakfast packages. The content style is structured and the use of icons furthers the principle idea of this healthy brand.
Peanut butter is that go to spread that hits off with its texture and flavours. The flavoured variety of peanut butter makes them more a hot favourite and the package design follows the same strategy.
Colourful and fluid in their design the flavours can be easily picked apart from the sea of peanut butter. The secondary package is designed to be shipping as well as display friendly.


The Miheso website has been conceived to incorporate it expansive product variety. The layout is simple and at one glance offers the consumers the insight into the brands various product lines.
The simple storefront that offers a melange of products and projects an experience that can be easily assimilated by the user.


New products in new markets need strong visual storytelling. From scripting to storyboarding, we worked closely with the client to create a visual design module consisting of the photography, videography and social media assets that showcases the value of the product in an easy and friendly manner.
The photography has a very morning fresh approach and the video talks about the ease of and making wellness choices. The visual style has a very contemporary and relatable manner.


When a brand is launched, it is important to create awareness and educate the consumers. Miheso followed a very simple strategy of elucidating product benefits and inviting people to experience it. As this is a cold breakfast, a concept that is not very common in
India. Also the focus has been placed on creating a community as against gathering followers as the product is positioned as a wellness and lifestyle product.

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