‘How often do we come across a brand that is experienced unequivocally with its narrative and products? That’s what we have achieved with Native Milk. The bold sophistication blends with informative playfulness.’
Research indicates that startups often rebrand within a year of establishing. The rationale behind this exercise is one too many. Delayed funding, outgrowing the initial vision, diversification, etc. However rebranding is a prospect to refresh the brand image as per initial market response and various feedback.
Native Milk Mumbai, approached us for rebranding their A2 milk and milk products as they were facing two issues- brand positioning discrepancy and price justification. A2 milk comes from rare Indian free grazing cows. Because of the A2 protein, this milk is priced higher in comparison to the usual milk.


When the brand identity is not aligned with the product positioning, it can be a great challenge to overcome. Rebranding starts with detailed assessment with the current visual assets and evaluating it for opportunity. The identity had to communicate the quality of the product and its offering. The perceived value had to be amped to justify the cost and the journey of the product- from Indian farm cows to homes through a highly personalised subscription service.
The existing logo communicated the origin of the product, however it was subtle in hinting its uniqueness and this had an impact on its perceived value with other regular packaged milk brands and products. The present logo form also restricted diversification and expansion of brand categories.
The brand was targeted at the health conscious premium customers. The brand aesthetic had to provide the niche appeal with minimal yet refined. Moving from colour to black and white helped us enhance the quality factor of Nativemilk products.
The brand identity took a simple form that explicitly communicated brand positioning and elevated the perception.


The package design borrows from its initial illustrations and were retained to accommodate a narrative packaging with the native scenery of Indian farms and villages. The old met the new in this rebranding project that serves the look of the season- minimal and reckoning!
Each product category is designed keeping the essence of the product and retaining the brand's promise. The brand's visual equity is retained to expand upon its varied and distinctive product promises to overcome competitive scramble.


The rebranding exercise involved a more greener shift from plastic bottles to a gable top package. To ensure brand visual recall we arrange the familiar restive narrative to the new packages.
Following the product category diversification, the next line of products has a contemporary and sophisticated style. Each standing out with its visual confidence and layout. The value proposition is translated with superior graphic design style and this is evident in the Native range of products.


THE GHEE packaging follows a value based packaging - the economic category being designed with the same aesthetics that makes users feel like they are paying for good quality.
The premium ghee range follows the see it (for ghee that is grainy is preferred and presumed of good quality). The functional ghee has a luxurious packaging owing to its consumption style.


The Paneer range relies on the simplicity and consistent quality of the homely cottage cheese that is a very commonly used savoury product in Indian households. The visual ease of the paneer packaging makes it an easier choice in this saturated market.


The Curd packages take on a bolder approach as they are resplendent with their A2 and probiotic nature. The blocked typefaces help in making the product eye-catching on a busy aisle.


The dessert packages have retained a traditional nuance as they are native to the Indian traditions and ascribe meaningful regional flavour to each of the products.
Thandai and Pahala Rasgulla have minimal embellishment that communicates their exquisite flavours with the nature of the typeface and the refined black package.



The website design follows the brands intention to be straightforward with its product focus and health benefits. The black and white styling doesn’t leave much room for indecisive factors and communicate the value proposition and transparency of the brand effortlessly. This strategy works for the brands predominant digital presence and online subscription.

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