With every trend comes a tide of products that supports the sustenance of the trend. The beard trend is one such phenomenon that launched a trail of grooming oils and hair care products. Borna launched its ultra premium line of oils for beard and hair that is made for both domestic and international markets. Quality ingredients and assured results came together to make this product a new favourite.
Launched after assessing the market demands, Borna brand identity was already established to echo the quality and its products’ proven success with its users.
We translated these product features to come up with a sleek and minimal illustrative primary and secondary package. Hence the packaging


The design communicated the purpose of the product with subtle hints highlighted in gold against the black. The information is minimal on the custom designed bottles- while being informative on the secondary package.
Borna beard and hair products addressed an issue and while maintaining the visual narrative it was important for Bblewrap to make it seem non-medicinal.


The design highlights the product features and celebrates the brand's goal of providing a refined experience through high quality grooming products.
Bblewrap designed the packages keeping in mind the expansive nature of the product category and how the design can be drawn out to accommodate product purpose.

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