‘Sophisticated and handcrafted slow brands have a way of authenticating fashion and lifestyle. Cinnamon Vogue is all for tropical ease, natural pigments and a deep found respect for artisanal finesse.’
The brand has its roots in Jaipur and its very artisanal forms of hand printing with wood carved blocks and arranging them in patterns. The magic of this process lies in the hands, because everything from the dying, wood carving, to mixing pigments and finally laying the fabric for printing is a manual process that has been refined over decades by generations of craftsmen.


When the brief is so focussed on the process and the origin, we had to be careful with the rendering of the identity. It couldn’t be overt, yet it had to echo its origins and process. The form is derived from the square of wood block and the intricate flowers are borrowed from the vast majority of block print styles which are luxuriant with flora and dainty forms. At the central essence, we have placed the cinnamon.
The colours are muted and yet warm which resounds mostly with the types of fabrics and material used. The overall form comes into being with being easy on the eyes and lack of embellishment. The form is also flexible in terms of its scalability and applicability into embroidery or repetition in terms of communication styles.
Brand representation needs to follow 3 things - the market pulse, the client preference and the brand strategy. When all of this is balanced with strategic aesthetics, the communication becomes purposeful.
For Cinnamon Vogue, it was very essential to portray the brand as a bespoke entity and its artisan forward intent. Hence, all of the customer connection points instilled the brand’s significant values.

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