‘A collective with a purpose needs to be identified for its purpose and for its presence. The identity for an NGO collaborative, comes together with elements as honest as its intention. A clear voice and a very straightforward visual makes it easier for the collaborative to be efficient in its functional operations.’
With a very clear brief, Team WOTR approached us to design the brand identity for a new collective that focussed on ecosystem based adaptation for resilient incomes. Once we were given the name ECOBARI, understanding the resonance behind its meaning and value proposition became a crucial marker to explore its identity.
Formed as a multi-stakeholder collaborative that mobilises various governmental, community, social innovation, institutional and media entities to exchange insights, value for human development, manage resources and contribute towards nurturing the fine balance between nature and humans.

To create a realistic plan in alignment with the UN 2030 agenda to reverse the problems like land degradation, and building resilience to resolve climate related uncertainties and challenges faced by rural communities.


The brand research involved understanding the relationship between various organisations and their activities aligning for a singular purpose and how the identity should be able to unify their voices and objectives. Coming together and a harmonious assemblage was one of the underlying perceptions that we wanted to showcase.

The colours and form are derived from the very natural qualities embodied by each element. The overall brand mission being to stimulate and promote ecosystem based adaptation, we borrowed three universal shapes that echo the purpose of the collective.
The final identity encompasses three elements - the sun that resonates with a community, a plateau that reflects nature and an arch that indicates land and projects economic growth - and together they form a basic human form indicating
the beneficiary or the recipient of this collective effort. Placing the human or the farmer in this case at the centre of this identity was significant to evidence the core value of the brand Ecobari.

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