“If you’re not counting water, Tea ranks first as the UAE’s drink of choice.
Successfully breaching into the nation’s fast-moving and globalised market would necessitate the formation of a design strategy that’s as accessible to its target consumer base as the product itself - while also giving room to expand further forward, as a brand.”
If research through the Dubai Tea Trading Centre is to be appraised, the UAE tea culture is on an exponential upswing. Tea brands flood the Dubai market as UAE is one of the largest tea importers in the world. The competition was robust and the market was inundated.
And the brief was clear - Vibrant and attractive.The client provided us 3 names and we choose FESTIVA and reasons were 2-  euphony and the joy in the word. Positioned at an above economy supply of Indian blends, Festiva was to be tea first of its segment in the brands future.
Festiva is derived from the word festival and the celebratory festive.

UAE is the hotbed of cultural confluences. Every next person is an immigrant and a statistic contributing to its diverse preferences. Festiva the name embodies the universal and cultural habits of many countries. It is interlaced through our meetings, social gatherings and breath between our ripostes. The identity had to celebrate cultures, people and connect them.
Symbolic to any festival or celebration is the colourful festoon that represents the spirit of celebration and heralds any social occasion. The decorative nature of the festoon that is synonymous with merrymaking is deconstructed with a fresh and vibrant edge even if it is traditional in essence. It is representative of the cohesive nature of the multi-ethnicity inherent in the UAE market. The triangle stands for each celebration and each culture, individual yet collective on the whole. The triangles symbolise the various cultures bursting forth with their energy and characteristics.
The tagline resonated the intrinsic values of the GCC culture. It is defined by evolved habits that are repeated in the form of traditions and rituals that bring together people year after year.
These celebrations are expansive onto various mediums such as song, dance, attire, gifts, and above all food. The tagline also equipped the brand for its future diversification into food products.
The diversity of the customers in the GCC market makes competition and shelf pull the major guideline for package design. The design of the package can influence the the buyer behaviour, communicate brand value for competitive edge and also create brand awareness. Vibrancy can be interpreted in many ways, all of them being expressed clearly through colours.
Package design allows larger surface to communicate the brands value proposition as well as the products quality. Yellow is a happy colour that is generous with its psychological impact and also is a great milieu to hold dialogues. The brand identity was reflected and augmented for Festiva’s package design and to add a narrative visual to replicate tea gardens of India. Each blend category was denoted by the changing colour of the tea gardens.

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