‘Kerala has an abundance of individually owned properties and building a house is the very first step to establishing oneself in life and by social status. For some this house is handed down by generation and for some it’s just the land by partition. Building or rebuilding the house is a very significant project that involves collaborating with a trustworthy construction company who has experience and expertise. Invictus comes in with a one stop solution to all construction requirements.’
A construction company has multiple functions and the branding has to accentuate this. We were approached to design the brand identity and website for Invictus Builders, a specialised construction and consultancy firm that provides turn-key solutions.
By offering 360 degree solutions to its clients, it gives them a realistic view on projects and their scale. Their focus is on helping clients through every phase of construction - from design to implementation to interiors and finishing - by utilising modern technology to its fullest.


This led to working with the core elements of their business in order to bring out an aesthetic value that can accurately and succinctly convey the crux of their business model and vision.
Coming up with a visual identity for Invictus required a deeper understanding of construction functions and the end goal that is principal to the success of the business - the customer’s dream as a reality.
The logo demonstrates the coming together of two simplistic shapes- an oval with a partially intersecting line that resembles a tree, connected by a line to a caret akin to the gabled roof of a house. This depiction was intended to be universally symbolic and recognisable in order to clearly signify the purpose the brand serves, in realising their clients’ dream homes. Visualising this form through a minimalistic design allowed us to effectively convey the essence of the brand’s identity. Chinese Blue was picked as the primarily associated brand colour, to further emphasise trust & dependability in their brand image.


It was imperative for the website to match the vision and role of the firm itself. This meant factoring in a smooth and straightforward interface for a diverse clientele, while ensuring that all the necessary data was presented in a concise, easily digestible format.

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