Eastern Jackfruit 365

Brands that encourage an organic and alternate living are thriving with people becoming more mindful about their choices and this directly impacts consumption content. However most brands project a lifestyle positioning that creates a gap in a usual shoppers understanding the value proposition and choosing the product.

With Jackfruit 365 an Eastern condiments Product, we had to build relatability, jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is available seasonally. The product provides an all year healthy alternative to diabetics and weight conscious target base with weekly and monthly intake with packages that fit the budget.

The challenge was incorporating the brand mascot and building a package design that will create a connection and translate brand value and offering. We choose the colour yellow as that symbolises and is related to food instantly. Also across Indian Cultures, the colour yellow represents turmeric which is an essential ingredient in all cooked meals. The package also incorporates a 3d tactile surface with the jackfruit skin texture.

The package design instantly communicates the product offering and uses detailed infographics that convey the products usability and daily proportions. Surface design of brands breaking new ground has to build a meaningful connect with the customers and educate them without overwhelming them with information.


While the mascot builds a symbolic alliance, illustration and infographics do the job of communicating the usage and benefits in a lucid format. Too much information tends to become irrelevant and efficient information designed well creates and contributes to a stronger brand perception.

Package design has to evoke a sense of quality and relatability especially when it is a new product that needs an informed introduction. We were successful in putting this one of kind product on shelf with the design that is both attractive and engaging.


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