Jackme Rebranding & Package Design

Jacme launched vacuum fried edibles with the original taste of tropical fruit crisps for the Indian and international markets in 2017.  

The cost being higher than the chip category and the package not conveying the products unique attribute, they were facing the brand connection and sales issue! 

Our assignment was a two part brand lift -  refreshing the identity and redesigning the package to enhance the brand positioning and maintain the brand . The identity had an ambiguity in terms of J and L and had to be replaced with a much clearer typeface that spelt the name correctly.

Unwanted elements and shapes forms were ditched so the brand could breathe easy! The logo form was reworked into a single colour as it would help in product categorisation and expansion. 


 The new package design came through with a more relatable mix of colour, shape contrasts, balance and hierarchy. The design incorporated a fruit identity strip at the top that can help the customer distinguish the flavour while stacked in shops shelfs.

For the package, we were keen to avoid the usual chip packet routine and build around the existing elements and refining them to retain the same visual resemblance. A simpler layout with more white space and definitive icons that communicate the quality of the content and its ‘newness’. The result was an effortless and easily identifiable design that communicates the brand value and the distinctive quality of the product.

The Jacme product had an imbalance its perceived value and sales value, the product being highly priced because of the technology and the quality. The new package design and the more crisper identity, helped in bridging this gap.

Even though subtly put together, the new package design uses vibrant colours with reserve to convey the tropical nature and richness of the product and its origin!


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