“To succeed in giving your brand a powerful identity, you definitely need to nail the fundamentals. However, when your target demographics are children, you can’t just stick to the same protocol. Employing creativity in visual design elements, while also maintaining a strong brand narrative, was what we found to be essential to our development strategy for this soft play brand.”
This is a fun one! Developing a brand for children especially the small ones that are still not judging you is a wonderful break from doing strategic decision making! Kaboom came to be from a very colourful process of brand naming to identity with mascot, communication and website design.
Building a brand from scratch comes with a certain autonomy and responsibility. We build this brand with a strategy on the inside and compelling and communicative visual treat on the outside. The logo form, colour and type exudes a very friendly and fun persona, securing full points with the tiny targets
The playful forms can contain animals, patterns and stories easily to create a strong brand narrative. The logo form also creates an assorted foreground for brand elements that were crucial in forming the marketing strategy.
Children live in a visual world and that visual world today needs simplification and connection. This soft play brand based out of Pune attaches creativity, education and safety to their enterprise. Something we have earnestly included in our brand building processes and outcomes.
Kaboom identity amuses with the soft colours that form the basis of communication design that uses simple forms with an intention to bring together parents and children to enjoy and gain value and worth in shared spaces through play and learning.
All pieces of communication right from catalogues, handbills, signages, merchandise, collaterals, and all points of customer interactions were furbished with certain playful aesthetic that showcases the suppleness and agility of the brand.
Kaboom Mascot goes by the name Super K, a squirrel that is ever energetic and fits in right with the brand by infusing a fresh bout of energy with the personified friend who also doubles as a play and learning partner.
Imagination and fun came together for the development of this brand; a tad more than what we had with the others!

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