‘Marketing technology is value propositions meeting the big data - quite intimidating yet fun. Built around the simple marketing concept of the flywheel, MartecHero logo comes to you with a brand identity that is engaging and enlivened
Rebranding is often an exercise that involves the reconciliation of past performance and the brand’s expectations for future. MartecHero approached us for rebranding, as they were expanding their operations and launching a brand new website.
Ideating with an intent to look at marketing from a technological perspective, simplified the process. Marketing inherently has many systems and processes that define its purpose within organisations. The infusion of technology to these systems changes the structure and pace of marketing outcomes.
A vibrant gradient revitalised the overall brand and re-established it as a dynamic entity. The spokes with a forward motion, the pictorial mark logo lends a very established and effervescent impression to the new brand.
Traditionally, marketing followed a funnel system that involved a vertical system that was very linear in its approach. The new model - which is the flywheel involves all aspects of marketing working together to harness better outcomes for the customer.
Borrowing from this concept, we iterated the form of the flywheel - a contemporary and sophisticated symbol that blends both marketing and technology.

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