M.E Meeran Innovation Center

“With the vision of creating a positive impact on the food industry, the M.E Meeran Innovation Center was established in order to enhance the food testing standards that in turn improve the products available to the masses. Aligning our methodology with that very end-goal in mind, came to form the crux of our strategy for the branding process.”
India’s No-1 Spice exporter- Eastern Condiments  have grown in the last decade to incorporate innovation into their undertaking. 35 years of Food is now the global language. Cultures and traditions are now fluid because food has become the unifying influence. The M.E.Meeran innovation center would be a state of the art research hub for all aspects of food products, be it nutrition, taste or packaging.
The centre was to enhance the quality and safety of the existing food products and create new products as per convenience and preference of today’s consumers.Identity design for an Innovation centre named after the founder M E MEERAN was formidable conception that we were excited to manage. The keywords were - Creation, Innovation, Food Testing & Research.
Logo formats
The type of rock most commonly used in fire starting during prehistoric times was flint or any type of rock in the flint family, such as quartz, chert, obsidian, agate or jasper.
We explored the  geometric derivative of the stone form further isolating its simple organic dimensions.
Food and humans were the focus of our research. Food over centuries has reflected the preferences of humans and the leaps of technology. We rallied with several ideas from plough to institutional value based representation and somehow all of it was disclaimed due to the visuals and lack of zest. Our research took us 1.8 million years back to the hominids discovering fire.
The controlled or opportunistic discovery of fire has been credited to the development of human species. Research papers we scoured indicated that ingestion of cooked food is directly related to the increase in the size of human brain. It has had many developmental implications, with the ingestion of cooked food to smithing stones.
Identity for the innovation centre has to encompass the synergy between technology and people. We further developed identity to circumscribe the different attributes that facilitates innovations.The log took form with meaning and the brands strengths.
It echoed the purpose of the innovation centre and integrated people, ideas, dedication, technology, time and  infrastructure to the original form. We went bold in creating two free standing elements with space in between representing the space for revolution.
The brand colours and font were chosen meticulously to bring together the form and its purpose. The beauty of the geometric logo was  that it could be interpreted into multiple forms for branding elements.
Brand identity for institutions is about strategically disseminating its ideas and value propositions through simplicity.
The M E Meeran Innovation centre is dedicated to providing consumers with safe and convenient high quality food products. We built from and with this simplicity and we were happy with the outcome.

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