My Foodchain Branding

The objective of the brand has to be very well translated into its identity. Identities have to be designed with intuition and insight. That sets them apart from the usual run of the mill identities in the same category. Designing logos that feature primarily on digital interfaces means they have to imbibe very different aesthetics and appeal as compared to logos that go on static surfaces.

myFoodChain was one such identity that represented an initiative that optimised food wastage at food banks and matched requirements through crucial locations throughout Seattle city in its First Phase. At the core of the project was the kind and concerned founders who volunteered and identified a problem, its larger environmental implications and decided to resolve the problem with technical intervention.


The shape of the logo is a heart with a chain link in the colour green. It is a form that combines both the emotional and physical brand offering. Since the project was dealing with the excess of consumer perishables, the colour green evokes a sense of growth, trust and freshness.

The logo also has a location icon reference as it primary focuses on a donor finding a location that is high on priority as per its needs and the surplus. Simplifying forms and letting  them embody emotions and convey the larger cause was the brief that we delivered.


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