The rise of social media platforms have seen the concurrent rise of intellectual equity. Everyone who has something to say, show or teach is out there doing their bit. Such times call for creativity based spaces that make content creation efficient, structured and fun. Creator studios are the new platforms where content is literally churned as per creators niche or in most cases the transient market trends.

Market research

Creative studios are the by-product of the attention economy. The more platforms, the more need for expression in each category. The research data compiled globally affirmed that creative studios existed in cities where there was a concentrated need for space that promotes content and supports businesses.
We can see now how brands rely heavily on influencers to promote their products/ services and a curated space fosters both creativity and community.
Package explorations


We mapped influencers based on their day to day online presence, in terms of their lifestyle and their content. This was further analysed for responses and relevance of various categories as the space had to serve a podcaster and also an aspiring chef.
When you are catering to a wide and dynamic audience it becomes crucial that we account for both the walk-in audience who will have a more tangible experience and the aspirants who will perhaps look at the visuals as an invitation by relevant connect.

Brand naming

Hence, after playing around with a host of very relevant and fantastic names, we settled with Picco, which is a short, easy and fun name that also contained the word PICture COmpany.
Naming a brand as fun as Picco, was a wonderful experience for our entire team. A service that people and creativity oriented had to have an easy and fun name. However the client was very keen in tying the new venture to their roots which was a picture album making company.

Brand identity

Further deriving from the impression of the camera, the logo echoes the visual of a deconstructed camera. The letters forming the logo are very modern and the colour has been chosen to reflect friendliness and collaboration. The idea of softness permeates the logo colour as it embodies creativity and the challenges that come with the industry. The shapes are simple forms that when rearranged can create a strong visual style that can be transferred to various mediums and help in reinforcing the brand identity.

Colour palette

Logo formation

Brand guidelines

The guide is divided into sections that provide visual pairings and styles without compromising the essence of the brand. It focuses on the possibilities of communication across various mediums, audiences and occasions.
The Picco brand guide combines the essential foundation of this vibrant brand so it is able to encompass the dynamism of the industry it caters to. We have designed the brand to be open ended and effervescent.

signage system

This also helps in clearly demarcated spaces that allow for space to aid individual and group creative pursuits.
Picco is host to a plethora of individual studios and collective spaces for collaboration. Designing a signage system was crucial for easy navigation of newcomers as well as the regular patrons.

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