‘Fintechs have simplified borrowing and lending practises across the financial environment. The automation of transactions and data management is one of the key factors that accelerated the growth of Fintechs in India. Protium is one such fintech that is revolutionising the banking and mortgage industry.’
Protium as a brand offers to various segments of industry. To name a few. education, retail, banking, fundraising, investment management, etc. With its smart and scientific data analytics it is able to deliver quickly and more efficiently as against traditional banking systems. Thereby mobilising funds for a more equitable economy.
Banking, however, works with a traditional mindset that a larger part of the population still equates trust with traditional banking. Hence the strategy and the identity have to work in conjunction to communicate trust. As a NBFC, Protium caters to 3 types of clients - business, marketplaces and loan against property. Based on the scientific eligibility model, it uses a much quicker technology based screening to reduce disbursement delay.


The central strategy behind the identity was to focus on the entire transaction, the flow and the customer journey. It also focuses on bridging the gaps between application and payouts and everything that goes on in between. The brand was keen to make a difference for the emerging businesses and we borrowed from that intention.


The logo is geometric and minimalist and showcases the brand functions with ease. The colours new to banking however they have a base of dark blue that signifies trust and reliability in operations with a warm pink accent to bring out the friendliness of the brand.


The Protium Website has been designed with a singular intent of encouraging businesses and entities to apply for smart lending, The content has been designed to be informative and guide the user with all the relevant information they require to attain their goals.
The website design supports the very robust customer service that the brand has in place.

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