“An accomplished musician in his own regard, Sejo John established an academy of his own namesake, dedicated to sharing his industry experience by teaching music to the younger generation. The Sejo John Academy of Music & Arts’ branding strategy simply borrows and imbibes his vision into a coherent and structured logo form.”
Training in music is always one the finest and most sophisticated qualities that can be nurtured in any individual. Sejo John, a noted music director approached us to brand his music academy for children.
This music institute trained students the basics of western classical and Indian classical combined with various instruments.
Our research combined with Sejo’s own creative reckoning helped us shape the brand strategy and design. The brand identity we designed for Sejo, amalgamates the feeling of authenticity and classical significance.
The institutional values and academic excellence is easily communicated to the logo form. Even though the logo form is institutional, it exudes the a warmth in its type that reflects the tutelage of experts and the various instruments.
Branding for an institute has to translate into trust and expertise. From many academies offering the same training for potentials, we had to create an identity that transcends the musical experience for the students and extends to various offerings of an institute that performs and participates and represents a class apart.
Identity for the innovation centre has to encompass the synergy between technology and people. We further developed identity to circumscribe the different attributes that facilitates innovations.The log took form with meaning and the brands strengths.
It echoed the purpose of the innovation centre and integrated people, ideas, dedication, technology, time and  infrastructure to the original form. We went bold in creating two free standing elements with space in between representing the space for revolution.

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