SIAE Branding

B2B identities mean so much business that sometimes we prefer pragmatism over aesthetics. However they can be aesthetically practical and futuristic! Designing an identity for a B2B business that deals mostly with construction and infrastructures leaves very small room for imaginative or even evocative concepts.

A B2B identity has to exude power, trust and indicate a strong alliance. We decided to design a strong and resilient identity that creates a distinct appeal. Deriving from the basic form and combining the shape and materiality makes for easy identification of business vertical and also communicates the brand offering with precision.


The logo took form with a symmetric accuracy that is to be reckoned with. A symbol that not only represents the nature of business but also indicates multi directional growth and possibilities.

The identity thus becomes iconic and is at the intersection of material and graphics. A single colour red indicates a very powerful position and diverse applicability on various surfaces and ease of application.

The competitive B2B world requires strategic brand identities that establish clear positioning and differentiation and also stand out with refined sophistication. The value of the brand is closely tied to the product quality, the reliability of delivery, the value for money, all of this has to reflect in the brand perceptions. With SIAE, we have achieved that through careful study and research and a very eccentric strategy.  



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