Sthree Ekta Branding

Ekta Parishad is Gandhian organisation committed raising to land rights issues of last 3 decades. Stree Ekta Parishad is the one of the three dedicated wings of Ekta Parishad. It was formed with an intent to increase the participation of women activists and leaders. Such an identity has to be strong and structured as the surfaces for representation are touchpoint for its very existence - activism.

The unifying element of the logo communicates the purpose and the growth prospects of the group. Graphic design should open possibilities like the ability to go wide and then lean into the essence of the brand that needs to be communicated.The identity has the ability to hold forth the narrative and the larger purpose of this institution. It also has a very simple form that unifies the all women, the rural and urban and establishes a forwardness that inclusive yet incomparable.

The logo also takes on the partnership between women quite visually, where the collaboration and upliftment is articulated visually. The simplified logo form is expansive and versatile on all surfaces be it a billboard or handicraft product

The strong identity calls for greater brand experiences that holds fast in changing times and need for so many representational avenues. The colour is a refreshing take away from traditional colours that represent women collectives  and moves towards a cooler shade of green as in growth and the potential to contain multitudes.


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