‘When project management meets hardware based technology, it transforms capacity planning and management. When projects span over geographical areas and scale, it creates challenges in areas of productivity, reporting, budgeting, communication, etc. This is where Triborg comes in with an innovation based project management solution.'
Triborg is a technology-driven venture, providing innovative project management solutions, to improve operational efficiency in the workplace. Essentially, a B2B company in the construction and manufacturing industry, Triborg differentiates itself with innovative products that enhance workflow, thus possessing a first mover’s advantage as well as an opex-based pricing model.
The Third Eye (3E) is a software-hardware integrated product that facilitates remote, location-agnostic project management. 3E aims to substantially reduce, if not eliminate the challenges or inefficiencies or the not-so-smart ways of project management that exists across all projects irrespective of type, size, location or sector.


This was employed through structured design elements that render a polished look to the brand and accurately portrays its expertise and professionalism as per brand positioning.
Bblewrap build the strategy for Triborg with a dynamic and edgy aesthetic that works both on software and hardware interfaces. Additionally, an end-user perspective should factor into the overall design approach, which for this brand, meant targeting possible clients that are already well-versed in the management of the construction industry.


The logo for Triborg was designed with respect to the three co-founders of the company — each representing an arrow sign that stands for its own values — aligning together to form a symbol of Synergy, a key factor of what brought this venture together.
Each individual arrow signifies a different set of values of the brand:
1- Knowledge & Wisdom
2- Innovation & Growth
3- Earth & Ecosystem
The logo for the Third Eye is a stylistic depiction of its acronym, 3E, that utilising negative spaces forms an image resembling a basic floor plan, intended to symbolise the core purpose of the product. This, paired together with a distinct and bold symmetric design, gives the logo form a universally applicable appeal with significant depth to it.


For the digital marketing aspect of the 3E Project, we first created an HTML mailer that effectively communicated Triborg’s brand language by providing information through uncluttered graphics and a compelling visual dialogue.
Social media pages for Instagram and Facebook for Triborg were also developed as a part of the marketing strategy, ensuring a certain standard was visibly shared between both the platforms as well as the website.


The core ideology behind the development of the Triborg website was to present a sophisticated and concise depiction of the brand, as well as its products. Designed to cater towards high-level management in the construction and manufacturing field, it was integral to come up with a sleek, streamlined user interface that puts emphasis on modernity and technological expertise. In order to circumvent the issue of busy clientele, we prioritised the use of important keywords and brief text descriptions, paired together with immaculate eye-catching graphics.
These brought together, provide the client with complete understanding of the product and other key pieces of information, all within minutes of coming across the website. Furthermore, applying search engine optimisation and providing additional resources with the help of blogs reiterates a genuine standard of professionalism.

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